Need a Nanny in Toronto 

The Greater Toronto Area is a great place to live and work, and if you are a nanny or a housekeeper looking for a job in the GTA, then you should check out! This is an extremely helpful online service that can help a potential employer locate a great caregiver or a nanny or housekeeper to discover that ideal family to work for!

Whether you are hoping to find a Canadian nanny, babysitter or housekeeper to work in the Toronto, Mississauga, Thornhill or Richmond Hill areas of Toronto this great web site will help to locate the nanny or babysitter that fits your specifications. All the caregiver listings are divided into nanny, babysitter or housekeeper categories that are further divided in to more descriptive groupings with a picture and contact information for each one.

More detailed and pertinent information is also listed to help you hire the right nanny or babysitter, information such as years of experience, type of experience, special training and family type and size preferences. Some nannies and housekeepers may wish to arrange for live-in or live-out arrangements and this will greatly affect the salary agreed upon. When hiring the right nanny or babysitter to fill a job with your family there some very important and basic things to share between employer and nanny…these are salary / wages, holidays, and any special responsibilities such as pet care and household chores. Much of this can be resolved through the information outlined in the nanny listings on, as a great deal of care has been put into the preparation and correctness of these listings.

A very important issue that is listed here is the location preference as some nannies or babysitters may wish to live in downtown Toronto while others would choose to work in North York, Scarborough, Forest Hill, Rosedale or The Annex! While the unique neighborhoods of Toronto hold different interests for different people, the upscale and trendy neighborhoods of Yorkville or The Beaches may not suit everyone’s tastes…for these folk there is Leslieville and the Junction!

Regardless of where you live in the Greater Toronto Area, whether it is right downtown or in Pickering, Woodbridge or Brampton-Bramalea… will help you find that nanny, babysitter or housekeeper   that is perfect for your family! 

Toronto and the whole GTA has so much to offer.  Being a nanny is a very important job and any family that takes you into their home will count on you to help to organize them and help to guide their children in a happy and healthy environment.  Through needananny Toronto both you as the nanny or as the employing family will find that this is the way to go for the most satisfaction.  The help all the way through the journey of finding the right match because they care and they have the information and expertise to make it all work.